Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

‘This day won’t last’ (2020, 26’) - Mouaad el Salem

A day that could also be a life. A young man who could also be an older woman.

A nightmare that could also be a dream. In Tunisia, while it could also be somewhere else: on the border between the necessity and the fear to make a film, the necessity and the fear for the revolution, is ‘This day won’t last’ a cooperation with a distance. That is how this self portrait turns into a group portrait. Clandestine, but straight from the heart: an end that could also lead to a new beginning.

Film of choice: ‘Everyday Madonna’ (2010, 39’) - Nadim Asfar
In July 2006, during the Israel/Lebanon war, the artist lived 33 days anxious that he, along with the images and sounds that surrounded him, were going to disappear. All possible things that hadn’t yet become and could be interrupted by the surrounding disaster. After the war, he started filming and collecting long sequences in his apartment, while searching for a language that could speak of this feeling that haunted him for 33 days, a language that strove less to document or recount that period than to physically record the traces, images, and sounds that he heard and recorded in his apartment and neighborhood. Everyday Madonna is a filmic choreography of this quotidian.

The film is a detailed and immersive description of the apartment from its corners, walls, textures, views, different lights that traverse it, and of how the body evolves in this particular matrix. The camera records long time lapses that develop into visual stillness, immersion in minute events that appear to provide some sort of company—temporary solace at a time when one could not tell how long things will last. The ghostly presence of the titular Madonna, the infamous pop star, in the film, isn’t merely a sign of the artist’s affection for her songs, which seem to be part of his everyday life.

The music is an integral diegetic component of the film that flood its often doubled and framed shots. Madonna’s voice seeps into the rooms, painting a personal and intimate image of the singer in a domestic realm removed from the culture of mass communication and spectacle that characterizes stardom. Madonna’s voice gets lost amidst the ambient sounds of the city, becoming a singular and subjective disembodied voice, living matter recorded and heard at this precise moment in time in and space.

Film of choice: ‘Bellydance Vogue’ (2020, 4’) - Hadi Moussally

Hadi’s birthday landed on the 3rd of April, 2020, during lockdown, and for the first time he celebrated it all by himself.


Every evening, prior to the screenings, vegetarian food will be served by different collectives. Films are screened at 20h30 and afterwards it is be possible to discuss extensively until midnight.

Tonight Spoon will cook! Spoon is words and food for the human and the animal liberation. We worship the peasants food, the single ingredient, unwaxed fruits, unwrapped vegetables, we aim for a degrowth of the economical greed and the rise of generosity of hearts.