Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Black speaks Back - 'EUphoria' (2018, 24’)

'EUphoria' is the very first Afro Futuristic musical film made entirely by Afro-European youth. Through five short stories this film envisions the future of Europe from the perspective of the young African diaspora. They address themes such as identity, discrimination, environmental issues, and pollution. The talented group of young Europeans fully dedicated themselves for months through workshops, bootcamps, and studio sessions. This film translates their excitement, fear, and hope for the future into poetry, rap, movement and choir.

Emma-Lee Amponsah on 'Pumzi' (2009, 23') by Wanuri Kahiu
The post-apocalyptic science fiction film ‘Pumzi’ gives us a glimpse into an Afrofuturistic future from a (Sub-Saharan) African perspective. ‘Pumzi’ gives us an insight of “the other side”. After Europe collapsed, plagued by extreme climatic conditions and of course the technological decline caused by the break with the mother continent. ‘Pumzi’ shows us however a technologically highly developed Africa and asks critical questions about the use and conservation of ecological sources. 'EUphoria' and 'Pumzi' are completely different, but also very complementary Afrofuturistic short films.”