Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Hugo Amoedo - 'EUROPA' (2017, 27’)

Just a couple of days before leaving my home in Spain, I bought a camera with the aim of filming my life abroad. Europe springed to my eyes as a modern place, full of opportunities. After finishing my film studies in Brussels, I passed through several months of existential crisis. Since I didn’t understand anything at all, I started to film. I wanted to leave a trace of images on my way that I could understand in the future."

Hugo Amoedo on 'Vikingland' (2011, 99’) by Xurxo Chirro
"In the early 90s, Luis Lomba filmed with a HI8 camera his work overseas, his daily life on the ferry and the interactions with his Galician fellow sailors, who migrated in the European North. He gave the images to his colleagues as a present. Among those Galician migrants was Xurxo Chirro’s father. The filmmaker digitized the images in 2007 and began to play with them. As a result, we see an epic portrait of the Galician economical migration."