Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein - 'Sous la douche, le ciel' (2018, 85')

In Brussels, a group of residents embarks on a five-year quest to find, purchase and renovate a home for a sanitary facility which would restore the dignity of the city's most vulnerable dwellers and lift up their spirits. Confronted with the political reality of the city, their undertaking unfolds as a real nail-biter. The film chronicles an arduous struggle, from an idea to its concretization.

Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein on 'Être vivant' (2013, 17’) by Emmanuel Grass
“We came across this film while we were shooting ‘Sous la douche, le ciel / Shower Power’. Unlike our film, it talks about homelessness  itself. About everything that precedes the moment when structures like DoucheFLUX become necessary. In our film, the reality of life in the street is in the background but never seen, in ‘Être vivant’ it is in the foreground and always visible.We like this film for its very subjective tone and its radical and rather brilliant cinematographic choice, which makes the film effective both formally and emotionally.”