17/11/2022 20h30

Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Mpota (2021, 7’) - Léna Iloo

On the theme of the segregation of mixed people in Belgian Congo and Ruand Urundi. A woman and a man, two lives that collide violently then melt together. A child is born from these two clashing worlds during the Belgian colonization of Congo. These dual beings shall inflict deep wounds, left as indelebile signs of a painful past.

ZEPO (2014, 3’) - Cesar Diaz Melendez

Some time ago, on a winter morning, a little girl went out looking for firewood, she went far away from home and came across a blood trail... she followed it.

Zepo is a crude and dark fictional story about totalitarianism, inspired by the Spanish civil war.

Aqua Viva (2018, 6’) - Alexa Lim Haas

Agua Viva is a gentle, empathetic look into the inner world of a Chinese manicurist who works in a strip mall in Florida–as she struggles with self-image issues, loneliness, and finding the words to describe how she feels, in a language she doesn’t fully know.
Set almost entirely in a nail shop, the film accents the daily routines of Mei Mei. with rich, watercolor textures and poignant details that are specific to one character but universally relevant.

Colour Poems (1974 , 11') - Margaret Tait

"In 25 years of unremitting application to the film medium, Margaret Tait has evolved the style that allows her to display and offer what Alfred Kazin, writing of Simone Weil, called "a loving attentiveness to all the living world ". That definition of her philosophy, of her method, holds true, whether the setting is an Edinburgh street, the banks of an Orkney burn, a domestic interior or a human face. Unlike so much that is called experimental and avant-garde, her films are not merely exercises in perception. Her film images are accessible (A thistle is invariably a thistle), they are of the everyday, and, at one level, a presentation of things as they are. But, in their framing, in their rhythmical patterning, in their duration, those images offer a vision of the mystery and ambiguity with which so-called common objects are saturated. " Alex Pirie 1977.

Forestkeeper (2021, 7’) - Alisa Karo

A secluded forest where the border between caring and controlling behavior slowly blurs. A bizarre figure takes it upon itself to take care of a desolate forest while braving the cold and loneliness of the wilderness.

Prior to the screening, vegetarian food will be served by different collectives.