Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Wim Janssen - ‘FPS’ (2015, 3’, Double Super 8, Colour)

The shoot ‘em up computer game is simulated by two super 8 cameras. Two players try to find and shoot each other (down) through the camera’s viewfinder. The act of shooting in a game environment is transformed into the act of editing in a camera. The game lasts as long as the film reel is long. The result is projected side by side in a form reminiscent of the interface of a multiplayer game. Filmed on Kodachrome colour film, a modern medium is translated into an obsolete medium.

+ Film of choice: ‘Time Enough at Last(1959, 25’) - John Brahm

One of the most well-known episodes from the series The Twilight Zone. A bank employee finds himself alone with his books after a nuclear war.

+ Film of choice: ‘Martin na vrhu’ (1970, 8’) - Zlatko Grgić, Boris Kolar, Ante Zaninović

An episode from the animated series Professor Balthazar. Martin lives in professor Balthazar’s city, an ordinary man, but Martin has a problem: nobody notices him. The professor finds a book for him, titled: ‘How to climb to the top of succes’...

+ Film of choice: ‘N.P. 1977’ (1977,23’) - Neša Paripović

Sharply dressed Paripović walks in a straight line through Belgrade, a city in transition just like its hurried protagonist.

+ Film of choice: ‘Commingled Containers’ (1997, 4’) - Stan Brakhage

A film about the essence of life, a kind of last testament, as it were, made on the eve of a major operation. Pulsating, water and light mix together.

+ Film of choice: ‘Wind Vane’ (1972, 8’) - Chris Welsby

The movements of two simultaneously filming cameras are controlled by the strength and direction of the wind. Welsby demarcates the conditions in which the cameras find themselves, but then surrenders to wind and chance. The filmmaker becomes an observer of the film of which he has only determined the beginning.