Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Katrien Vermeire - ‘Der Kreislauf’ (2014, 30’)

For a hundred years, in the summer months, a unique game is played on the Belgian beaches. When the weather is nice, a variety of little shops - mounds of sand, pits, sometimes no more than a flattened ring - display colourful flowers. They are part of a flourishing trade. These flowers do not care for water or rain, they are made out of paper. This film follows the young players from very close.

Katrien Vermeire on ‘Pleziertreinen’ (1930, 8’) & ‘Ter Haring-visserij’  (1930, 15’) by Henri Storck (with live score by Aiko Devriendt) & ‘De socioloog’ (1972, 7’) by Luc Beyer de Ryke
'Pleziertreinen': Everything is a question of looking. What happens in the sand? In the film we can speak of sketches and portraits, of small pointillist brushstrokes in an amused and warm description of a summer Sunday at the seaside.

'Ter Haring-visserij': Men at work, their movements, their production cycle, machines and tools, an anthropology of manual labour.

'De socioloog': In this account, which was broadcast during the television news of June 29th 1972, professor Léo Moulin, spoke, not without any condescension, about the habits of the Belgian on holiday. Does the Belgian go on vacation, why and when?