In collaboration with Bozar Cinema and Luca school of Arts we invited the French - British artist Marine Hugonnier to screen her triptych including the films Ariana, The Last Tour and Travelling Amazonia.


20:00 ︎︎︎

‘Trilogy - Marine Hugonnier’

Marine Hugonnier’s film choice: With A Little Patience (Laszlo Nemes)

After the screening Marine Hugonnier will be in conversation with Robbrecht Desmet (LUCA School of Arts).

Marine Hugonnier (°1969) researches how images are formed and how this influences our perception. She does this by working with film, photography, text, performance, collages and installations. In the triptych Ariana, The Last Tour and Travelling Amazonia, she studies the relationship between landscape and history to explore the idea of the 'viewpoint' in different ways.

Ariana tells the story of a film crew who visits the Pandjshêr Valley in the North of Afghanistan. The film becomes the story of a failed project, a reflection on 'panorama' as a form of strategic view, camera movement and its origins as pre-cinematic mass entertainment.

The Last Tour is a fictional action that takes place at the end of the 'Era Of Spectacle'. When tourist attractions and natural sites are regulated by proactive laws, with limited access for visitors and restricted views, which turns them almost invisible, the viewer begins his final tour: a balloon ride over the iconic Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. A reference to a world before the era of big discoveries.

Travelling Amazonia. A 6000-mile long road through the vast Amazon jungle that was to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from East to West. The purpose of the road was to unite people without a country to a country without people. The Transamazonia was the largest project of the military dictatorship. This movie is about the attempt to draw a line. The re-implementation of the military project of the 70's. The film focusses on the processes and pioneering ideas, that prevailed in this colonialist project, realized during the heyday of the Brazilian ambition to become "the land of the future".