In collaboration with Kask Cinema Ghent and on the occasion of her most recent film al bahr, Fairuz (editor, cinematographer and filmmaker) presents a program that is an ode to the freedom of movement, imagination and patience.


Program ︎︎︎

II’m the Son of the Nile - Heba Y. Amin (2013) 2’

Perpetuum Mobile - Einstürzende Neubauten (2004) 13’ 42” (only sound)

move, move - Fairuz Ghammam (2005) 5’00”

Puddles, I don’t know - Anna Petruželová (2018) 10’00”

al bahr - Fairuz Ghammam (2018) 16’42”

Brussels-made cinematic poetry that speaks to the senses. A shot of radical disorientation that feels like it could bubble over into a sense of relief at any moment. Surrender to it and be carried off to another world that’s not so far away – resistance is futile. some fantastic food and fabulous films.