Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Saddie Choua - The Chouas, A Work in Progress: #Episode 1 (25’) en #Episode 3 (24’)

An old photo of Saddie Choua's father and his four brothers is the basis of the work ‘The Chouas - A Work in Progress’. Three of them emigrated, one returned, and two brothers stayed in Morocco. From this autobiographical element Choua creates episodes in which the alienation of migrant families in Europe, the self-portraits in the diaspora, the colonial histories, and the shadows of the homeland are scanned. Autobiographical stories are mixed with history, literature, and popular culture, so that the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction become blurred.

A Greek Tragedy (1985, 8’) by Nicole Van Goethem & A film by  Heiny Srour

A Greek Tragedy' is the critically acclaimed debut film animated by Nicole Van Goethem. In the film we see three living caryatids, which for centuries have been trying to keep a crumbling temple stable. Their work becomes meaningless. With a touch of humor, the film shows it’s understanding  for human weaknesses.