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_November 2022

Visite #10 We’ll see what’s about to happen…

is a four-day festival at art space Het Bos with 5 film programs, a performance, a concert, a group exhibition, an artist talk, 3 dinners and a breakfast.

The tenth edition of Visite is curated by Adel Setta, Kevin Kotahunyi and Eva van Tongeren.

The festival brings together artists who respond to current dominant power structures. Through their work they propose alternative socially engaged futures by poetically depicting collective conversations and rethinking symbols of control, representation and manipulation.
The program takes you from Brussels living rooms, to the streets of Mexico City, the forests of Canada and a Chinese beauty salon in Miami. The exhibition juxtaposes a video installation with pornographic images with various tactile textile works about police violence and exclusion.

Supported by Het Bos, Netwerk Aalst, Flanders & Nationale loterij

Pay what you can!
Choose a price that you can afford.


These times are financially tough for lots of people, which is why we like to keep our prices low. We give you the chance to decide for yourself what you like to pay for a film ticket. You can also partially pay for a stranger. Or if you are a fan of Visite and want to support our projects you can pay a larger amount and are welcome to attend all the screenings of this edition.

If you like to see one of the programs, but the minimum price is still too much, please send an email to eva@deimagerie.beand we will make sure you can still join us.

Financially difficult month - 4€
Normal ticket (what it actually cost) - 6€
Pay a bit extra for someone who can’t - 8€

Fan of Visite 1 (more then welcome to all screenings) - 20€
Fan of Visite 2 (more then welcome to all screenings) - 50€
Fan of Visite 3 (more then welcome to all screenings) - 100€

Exhibition, concert, performance and conversation are free, breakfast and dinners are payed for separately.