_November 2023


Exhibition, Film, Food, Performance, Music

With a focus on the work of Peggy Ahwesh

Visite goes all out during the 11th edition of the festival by inviting the famous American video artist Peggy Ahwesh. In the 80's she started her career making feminist punk and amateur super 8 films.
She is known for her use of a wide range of different technologies, methods and aesthetics and her work has been extensively shown at Centre Pompidou, MOMA, Guggenheim, Whitney Museum of American Art, Anthology Film Archives, New York Film Festival and now also at Het Bos in Antwerp.

Ahwesh' films are accompanied by works by artists who have inspired her over the years and by films and performances by local makers who touch on similar themes with their work.

The programme includes intimate conversations between girls, woman and children about caring, sexuality and gender norms. You will be confronted with horror tropes that insinuate their way into our lives unnoticed and we’ll invite you to an extravaganza that will set your senses on fire.

Visite is a production of De Imagerie, supported by Het Bos, SIC, Cinematek, KASKlezingen, zwartopwit duurzaam drukwerk, Vlaanderen/Verbeelding werkt, Service de Culture Cinématographique, microscope gallery & Nationale Loterij.

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These times are financially tough for lots of people, which is why we like to keep our prices low. We want to give you the chance to decide for yourself what you'd like to pay for a film ticket. You can also pay partially for a stranger. Or if you are a fan of Visite and want to support our projects you can pay a larger amount and are welcome to attend all the screenings of this edition.

If you'd like to see one of the programmes, but the minimum price is still too high, please send an email to and we will make sure you can still join us.

Financially difficult month - €5
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Exhibition is free, concert, party, screenings at Cinematek and snacks are paid for separately.