Eva L’Hoest


Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Eva L'Hoest - Short films

Eva L’Hoest strives to master certain technologies to better use them against technology itself. She manipulates the digital image, ranging from the use of simple lighting to complex laser scanners. She analyses the morbidity contained at the heart of the virtual when it is stripped of its strictly illusionist power. This results in a fascinating and alienating oeuvre of short films, which she will present and discuss during Visite.

Eva L’Hoest on her project with Ssaliva, called 'Audiances'
“During the film festival, I will present my  latest project co-realized with the artist Ssaliva. The screening of this new piece will take place in several acts displayed as audio-visual boards, followed by a sharing moment in the presence of the two artists.”