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 Heleen Declercq - 'Girlhood' (2017, 14’)

'Girlhood' wants to break the boundaries of the stereotypical concept of femininity. The maker returns to her childhood where she starts questioning her short hair, missing bikini top and reckless tree climbing. The result of her personal search is a mosaic portrait of young people who each reflect a facet of herself as a young woman. A young woman in search of her personal definition of gender, her sexual orientation and its impact on her surroundings.

Heleen Declercq on 'Raised by Krump' (2016, 22') by Maceo Frost
“'Raised by Krump’ is undoubtedly one of my biggest inspirations because it is a really visual documentary, but also very musical and rhythmic. Theme and style go hand in hand, that is what I find interesting about the short film. Within twenty minutes you get immersed in a very specific dance and imagery language. Is is definitely not the best film I have ever seen, but it is the most inspiring. For me it shows how documentary can be made differently, that it should not necessarily be shot with a handycam. Unfortunately many still think so….”