Het Bos
Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp

Herman Asselberghs - For Now (2017, 32’)

In times of great turmoil, time comes to a standstill.” (Walter Benjamin)

The central two movements in ‘For Now’ are panoramic shots and firm, vertical edits. The film unfolds in waves. Locations appear, disappear, and come round again – Lewinsky Park, Maximilian Park, Habima Square, Lion Square, Zuccotti Park, Times Square or pastoral landscapes at opposite ends of the Mediterranean Sea. The actions are the same: people wait, pass by, kill time. No refugees in the picture here, no demonstrators or soldiers, no spectacle. It is a film running alongside events, alongside time. A contemporary film in the pure sense of the word - a way of being with time.

Carry On by Mieriën Coppens (2017, 12’) & 10th of November | 09:05 ( 2008, 14’) by Els Opsomer

In ‘Carry On’  by Mieriën Coppens we see individuals wait, silence is heard, a microscopic attention through a tired mass. If the film is almost mute it is because it focuses on silent figures, although their struggle is deafening.

‘10th of November | 9:05’ shows how Turkish citizens stopped their activities to commemorate the death Mustafa Kemal Atatürk every year on the 10th of November at 09h05.